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How can I make Amazon enforce its own rules?

Amazon isn’t enforcing its rules against other sellers. How can I make Amazon enforce its own rules? I don’t need to tell you that Amazon is…shall we say, inconsistent, in enforcing of its own rules.  Although it invites sellers to report rules violations, Amazon rarely takes action on seller vs. […]

Account Suspension Appeals

Amazon seller account suspended?  We can help.Appealing an account suspension to Seller Performance is difficult.  If not done right, it could take weeks to restore your selling privileges.  Your sellers account may be terminated if you don’t respond quickly and appropriately.  While your selling privileges are removed, you are losing sales. […]

Protect Your Amazon Listings

Amazon sellers face the threat of pirates and counterfeiters stealing the buy box with products that don’t match the listings.  Sometimes rogue sellers use your copyrighted photos or duplicate ASINs to create their own listings.  Amazon’s open catalog makes it easy for unscrupulous sellers to sell against your listings and enjoy the […]