How can I make Amazon enforce its own rules?

Amazon isn’t enforcing its rules against other sellers. How can I make Amazon enforce its own rules?

I don’t need to tell you that Amazon is…shall we say, inconsistent, in enforcing of its own rules.  Although it invites sellers to report rules violations, Amazon rarely takes action on seller vs. seller complaints.  

On the other hand, BUYER vs. seller complaints get Amazon’s immediate attention!  So if you have done test buys and confirmed that another seller’s product(s) violate Amazon’s rules, are banned, or against the law, then process a return request noting the violation.  All test buys should be made from anonymous buyer accounts having no affiliation with you or your seller account.

You can also retain me to send legal notifications to these sellers that they are violating the law and may be sued civilly for engaging in Unfair Competition (and other theories) if they continue. This is a particularly viable option where there are many (a dozen or more) sellers engaging in illegal conduct on Amazon.  The threat of a lawsuit is real.

Every case is different.  Contact Ted and let’s discuss the particulars.