About Ted Luymes

An Amazon-experienced attorney, Ted’s law practice concentrates on eCommerce and brand protection, including patent, copyright and trademark matters.  He has a deep understanding of how Amazon enforces the law – and its own rules – in actual practice. Ted’s ability to navigate the changing world of Amazon is essential to his clients’ success.

Often called upon to write Amazon appeals, Ted succeeds where others have failed.  He has written over a thousand successful appeals (ASIN and account suspensions) in the most difficult cases.  Many times, Ted is able to get complaints retracted by the rights owner – which is a better result than simply winning an appeal.  When nothing else has worked, Ted finds ways to open Amazon’s doors and get things done.

Many of Ted’s clients are the victims of black hat competitors or aggressive infringement complaints.  Others have been unfairly harmed by Amazon’s own mistakes. When Amazon is unresponsive or just keeps giving the same non-response, Ted knows how to get their attention.  In some cases, even Amazon arbitration may be necessary to correct the problem. There are often solutions outside of Amazon that others may not have considered. Ted has been through it all before.

The firm’s clients are small to medium-sized ecommerce sellers, brand owners, as well as high-end fashion labels.  Ted gives them the know-how to create and enhance their brands on multiple channels for long-term success. Additionally, Ted is a distinguished trial and appellate attorney in Los Angeles, California. He was formerly a principal at Bistline, Cohoon & Luymes. He serves as a private general counsel to businesses.

Ted provides personal and cost-effective representation.  For Amazon appeals and Plans of Action (POA), he charges a flat fee that is often less than the fee charged by non-attorney Amazon appeal services.  Many clients prefer an hourly rate, so they are charged only for the time Ted is working on their affairs. With each new client, Ted will discuss the services to be performed and provide a budget estimate.  Clients appreciate that there will be no surprises in their invoices.

Licensed to practice law in California since 1990, Ted is frequently called upon to speak about Amazon and brand protection issues.  Ted is an avid hiker, traveler, speaks workable Spanish and is learning French.