Account Suspension Appeals

Amazon seller account suspended?  We can help.
Appealing an account suspension to Seller Performance is difficult.  If not done right, it could take weeks to restore your selling privileges.  Your sellers account may be terminated if you don’t respond quickly and appropriately.  While your selling privileges are removed, you are losing sales. We help suspended sellers write appeals that maximize the chances of getting their accounts reinstated.  We can also help you respond to warnings and other notifications, which often precede account suspension.  Our assistance is especially valuable if English is not your first language or you have had more than one prior suspension.  Contact us today if you need help appealing an account suspension or responding to Amazon Seller Performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Amazon suspended my seller privileges!  What do I do?
Contact me immediately.  You have a limited time to act. We may be able to restore your privileges while your account is under review.  I will guide you through the appeal process quickly.  You won’t have to guess whether you’re doing it right.  If you have been suspended before, please DO NOT submit an appeal without getting professional help.  Your seller privileges will be terminated if you don’t do it right.

2) Do I need help preparing an appeal?
In almost every case – YES.  Amazon Seller Performance is looking for a very specific plan of action from you.  The more you know WHAT to say and HOW best to say it, the better.  Many sellers who write their own appeals remain suspended for weeks or months waiting for a decision from Amazon.  Doing the appeal correctly the first time is the best way to get your seller privileges restored rapidly.  Also, if English is not your first language or you are not a proficient writer, I urge you to get professional help with your appeal.  If this is your second suspension, please get professional help. 

3) What will you do to help me get my seller privileges reinstated?  
Here’s the process in a nutshell:  (1) I will review the emails from Amazon and (if it’s not clear) help you understand why your account was suspended.  (2) We will discuss what changes you should make to correct the issue and avoid future problems.  (3) I will ghost write a custom appeal for you to submit or, if you prefer, I will edit what you’ve written.  (4) I will help you respond to any follow-up emails you receive.  Call me now and get answers to your questions.

4) I don’t know why my account was suspended.  How do I find out?  
The suspension email does not always state WHY you were suspended.  However, there are always clues based on warnings, poor metrics, or customer complaints.  It is important to know WHY you were suspended, otherwise you won’t know what to say in your appeal.  Correcting your business practice will reduce the chance of being suspended again.  Amazon will terminate sellers who get multiple suspensions.

5) How long will it take?  
It depends on the reasons for your suspension.  In most cases where I assist the seller from the beginning, we get reinstatement within 5 to 10 business days.  Sellers who write their own appeals often wait 4 to 6 weeks before their appeals are resolved.   I expedite all appeals work to better your odds of winning the appeal.  If your Amazon seller privileges are important to you, get professional help with your appeal right away.

6) I already submitted an appeal, but it has been weeks and my seller privileges are still suspended.  Can you help me?  
Yes, let’s talk.  I may be able to help.

7) Will my seller privileges be restored?  
With a properly-drafted action plan, seller privileges are usually restored – but not always.  If you have committed a serious violation of Amazon’s rules or done anything that could be construed as illegal or unethical, you will be banned. If I don’t think there is a reasonable chance you will be reinstated, I will tell you so up-front and at no cost to you.  I will not waste your time or money.

8) How much does it cost?  
Initial consultations are free and no-obligation.  Just call 626-993-7000 or email me at  I charge a flat fee for Amazon appeals, as they require my immediate attention.  Let’s get started with your appeal!