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Ted Luymes Law Firm uses the right combination of strength and finesse to protect your Amazon listings, brand, and tradename on the internet.  Nothing is more valuable than your brand in the marketplace.  As a trusted Amazon attorney, with 33 years of experience, we obtain fast and cost-effective results for our clients.  Whether your problem is with counterfeit sellers on Amazon or someone using your photos without authorization, we can help.  When the situation warrants, we will pursue violators in court.

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Ted Luymes, Founder

An Amazon-experienced attorney, Ted’s law practice concentrates on eCommerce and brand protection, including patent, copyright and trademark matters.  He has a deep understanding of how Amazon enforces the law – and its own rules – in actual practice. Ted’s ability to navigate the changing world of Amazon is essential to his clients’ success.

Often called upon to write Amazon appeals, Ted succeeds where others have failed. Many times, Ted is able to get complaints retracted by the rights owner – a better result than winning an appeal.  When nothing else has worked, Ted finds ways to open Amazon’s doors and get things done.

Many of Ted’s clients are the victims of black hat competitors or aggressive infringement complaints.  Others have been unfairly harmed by Amazon’s own mistakes. When Amazon is unresponsive or just keeps giving the same non-response, Ted knows how to get their attention. There are often solutions outside of Amazon that others may not have considered. Ted has been through it all before.

Great news! Amazon reinstated our listings. … We were in great pressure and anxiety in the last week and now it’s a great relief. I cannot express how much appreciation for your professional help to recover our listings and save us from bankruptcy.

Guangwei Z. 3-17-2019

omg you’re amazing! Thank you!

Argin G. 10-25-2018

Great news, I’m free 😉
You have a winning approach! Thank you again and again and again that you saved me one more time!

Alenka N. 3-30-2018

I can not express enough my overwhelming gratitude to you for everything. The settlement you negotiated is beyond what I had expected to come out of this.

Cara C. 3-16-2018

Thank you! Fast and efficient work! 🙂

John R. 6-7-2018

Yes, thankful the worst should be behind us! We have really appreciated all your assistance and advice…

Melissa C. 6-18-2018

We got activated on AMAZON. Oh my god, this feels good.

Thank you for your patience and understanding of how urgent this was. I appreciate your dedication during this hard time.

Vidas 11-14-2018

They finally responded! Our account is reinstated!

Thank you so much!!! You are so reliable as always!!! You are the best!!!

Eric C. 11-19-2018