Protect Your Amazon Listings

Protect Your Amazon Listings

Amazon sellers face the threat of pirates and counterfeiters stealing the buy box with products that don’t match the listings.  Sometimes rogue sellers use your copyrighted photos or duplicate ASINs to create their own listings.  Amazon’s open catalog makes it easy for unscrupulous sellers to sell against your listings and enjoy the benefits of your good reviews.  Reporting rules violations often results in an automated response with a request that you make test buys to prove that the rogue seller’s product does not match the listing.  This requirement is expensive and time consuming.  Keep your listings clear of unauthorized sellers who will destroy your ratings and brand.

If your ASINs are being hijacked by cheats, you need professional help.  Make a move to protect your brand’s reputation and profits.  Fight back against rogue sellers on Amazon.  Contact us today and tell us about your problem.  We can help.

Don’t wait any longer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My listing has been hijacked!  What do I do?  If your listing is hijacked by a seller whose product does not match the listing, act quickly.  Begin by contacting the seller and asking them to delist.  If they don’t, send them a Cease & Desist letter and file a “rules violation” report to Amazon Seller Performance.  You will likely receive a response from Amazon asking you to conduct a test buy.  If you have done a test buy, provide Amazon with side-by-side photos comparing the test buy against the genuine product.  Amazon is great, but Seller Performance  can be frustratingly slow to enforce their own rules.  They need to have a level of confidence that there has been a rule violation that triggers action against a seller’s account.  You must give Seller Performance the evidence they want in the way they request.   

Do I have to retain a lawyer?  No.  But if your own efforts to remove the rogue seller have failed, hiring an Amazon-hardened attorney really helps.  Here’s how:  (1) When the rogue seller hears from me, they know I mean business.  The fact that you hired a professional says you’re serious about protecting your brand.  (2) Amazon’s legal department, Seller Performance, and Seller Support are familiar with my work product.  I am not “just another seller” to them.  (3) Dealing with rogue sellers is my core business.  I have investigators and resources outside of Amazon that you don’t.

What do you do to remove sellers from my listings?  Simply put:  I ramp-up pressure on the rogue sellers to comply with Amazon’s rules.  My correspondence with the seller is polite, but firm.  I encourage rogue sellers to obey the rules and respect other parties’ intellectual property.  Often, I do not have to report the violation to Seller Performance.  But I am relentless against any seller I must report.

I have already reported the rogue seller and nothing happened.  What do you do differently?  Solving my client’s problems is my top priority.  When I submit infringement reports to Amazon, they are targeted to fulfill Seller Performance’s evidentiary needs, which sometimes includes attorney affidavits or other factual support.  When possible, I work outside of Amazon to enforce applicable laws.  Foreign sellers think they can break our laws because they are beyond our reach.  That’s often not the case.

Are test buys always necessary?  Not always.  Sometimes Seller Performance accepts other evidence.

How long will it take to get results?  It varies.  I have obtained removals within a couple hours of being retained.  Very difficult cases can take up to 3 or 4 weeks, but this is unusual.  Most assignments are resolved within 5 to 10 days.  

What can I expect when I contact you?  Email me first – – and explain the problem.  I will look at your ASINs and respond with solutions.  The initial consultation is free.  If you want to hire me, I will do a conflict check, email a written retainer agreement, and you can pay the refundable deposit by wire transfer or check.  Once the attorney-client relationship is established, I will start fighting for you immediately.

How much will it cost?  It depends on the number of rogue sellers and the difficulty of the assignment. I will give you a budget estimate after you contact the firm and I know more about your problem.  If unusual circumstances call for work beyond my budget estimate, I will explain why and get your approval for any added expense.  I typically require a refundable deposit into my firm’s client trust account to initiate a new client relationship.  Details are in the written attorney-client retainer agreement.

Why don’t you charge a flat fee?  The services I offer are tailored to the client’s needs.  It’s only fair to charge for the time I am actually working for you.  Like most attorneys, I charge an hourly rate (in 1/10th of an hour increments) and I keep detailed time records of what I am doing on your behalf.  I maintain close contact with my clients while I am working on their matters, so there are no surprises in your bill.  Invoices are paid out of the money you deposit in the client trust account.

Do you always succeed?  I have a greater than 90 percent success rate in removing rogue sellers from my client’s ASINs on Amazon.  However, I can’t guarantee success in every case.

What if the seller comes back?  Rogue sellers are less attracted to listings they know are being protected by an attorney.  If the seller returns, we will discuss a plan of action with you.