When should you hire a lawyer to write your Amazon Appeal & Plan of Action?

Hiring an Amazon-experienced lawyer to handle your appeals, POA’s, and key communications with Amazon is vital when legal issues are involved, like intellectual property, anti-competitive conduct, or when Amazon itself is not enforcing its own rules.  In addition to their legal training, lawyers are experienced advocates for their clients. We know how to argue a case and win.  Not only will your appeal be more persuasive, it often helps win reinstatement to be able to tell Amazon that you have retained a lawyer to avoid future mistakes.  Lawyers are screened, licensed and monitored by the state bar. We are sworn to obey rules of ethics like absolute client loyalty, client confidentiality, no conflicts of interest, and the attorney/client privilege.

Amazon appeal services staffed by non-lawyers are not bound by any of these rules.  There is no licensing requirement and no one is screening the competency of services.  Your emails and private information are not required by law to remain confidential. Non-lawyers can represent anyone, including other brands and sellers who have a direct conflict of interest with you.  If these appeal services do something harmful to your interests, are disloyal, or disclose your private information, there is no recourse.

Here are a some instances where you should hire an attorney to write an Amazon appeal and plan of action:

  • Someone made a false patent, trademark, or copyright complaint against you.
  • When there is illegal black-hat activity, such as when a competitor is extorting you, sabotaging your listings or seller reputation.
  • When Amazon is withholding large sums of your money or inventory.
  • When you have received a Cease & Desist letter, email. or message from a law firm.
  • When someone is wrongly accusing you of using black-hat or illegal tactics.
  • When there is a need for confidentiality – such that the attorney/client privilege will protect you.
  • Where the appeal involves the interpretation of laws.
  • When you have tried, and failed, to get reinstated for longer than three weeks.