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The Road to Oblivion – Review Deletion Services

Should you respond to those solicitations saying they can delete 1-star reviews on Amazon for a fee?  Don’t be fooled. Here’s what happened to one of my clients. A few days after a customer posted a horrible 1-star review (with […]

What to do if you get a cease and desist letter

It is frightening to receive a cease and desist letter from lawyers or law firms.  They threaten to sue you if you do not turn over confidential information and stop selling your product.  How you handle a cease and desist […]

How can I make Amazon enforce its own rules?

Amazon isn’t enforcing its rules against other sellers. How can I make Amazon enforce its own rules? I don’t need to tell you that Amazon is…shall we say, inconsistent, in enforcing of its own rules.  Although it invites sellers to […]

Account Suspension Appeals

Amazon seller account suspended?  We can help.Appealing an account suspension to Seller Performance is difficult.  If not done right, it could take weeks to restore your selling privileges.  Your sellers account may be terminated if you don’t respond quickly and appropriately.  […]